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I was gripped to the soul while reading K.P. Yohannan's book Revolution in World Missions. The way he shared his personal faith walk so vividly blessed my soul by opening my understanding to how God really works . . . and how He wants us to work. Reading his book, I felt overflowing joy and excitement at the thought of what partnership with God could mean.


I have read Revolution in World Missions twice, and now I am more convinced than ever that investing in national missionaries and Bridge of Hope children will yield better returns than silver or gold. Thank you for waking me up, Brother K.P.

—Mr. K.G.

Brother K.P. really identified God's heartbeat. Very few preachers speak on the topics that are in this book.


Every chapter brought tears to my eyes and deep conviction to my heart.


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More Testimonials & Endorsements

“K.P. Yohannan leads one of the largest, if not the largest missionary movement, working across much of Asia to bring the love of Christ to the [people in need of it]. As GFA World has grown and established itself, the ministry has become balanced and is now involved in a host of cooperative efforts with other mission agencies. The impact of GFA’s ministry in Asia is very significant, in their training, radio and church-planting work.”

—Joseph D’souza, Executive Director, Operation Mobilization India

Revolution in World Missions is one of the great classics of Christian literature. It is essential reading for those who desire to obey the mission of Jesus Christ. We get so used to apathetic and halfhearted ideas about missions . . . and then K.P.’s book turns our world upside down!”

—Paul Blackham

“K.P. Yohannan's book draws the Church back to the very heart of what Christ has called us to do. I would urge every Christian, and especially every pastor, to read this book with a humble heart before the Lord. I'm reading it through again, and it's still a heart-stirring blessing.”

—Pastor M.W.

“I read your book and think it is on of the most dynamic, down-to-earth books that I have ever read. I want to give a copy to our pastor, each board member and selected other people at our church.”

—Mr. P.W.

“This book really helped open my eyes to what I can do as a North American Christian to help reach those who are unreached with the Gospel.”


“This is an honest, unashamed look at world missions. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a deeper walk with God and a connection between their resources, their time and a more meaningful purpose for their life. Honestly, this book has changed the way my whole family thinks and gives.”


“This book was amazing! It inspired me to be a better Christian and opened my eyes to the necessity outside of my own comfort. K.P. Yohannan has a way with words: to be stern enough to get his point across and to make you thankful for what you have! It is definitely a must read. I plan to read this book again.”


“Read it if you want to know how God is moving on the world-wide stage and if you are willing to be changed in the process. Don't read it if you wish to stay comfortable with how you looked at the world before you open this book.”